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 Discography :


RW 001  Keijo  "About Around" (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 001SE Keijo "About Around" (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 002 Vapaa  "Crookedness"  (50 Copies ) SOLD OUT

RW 003 Sand Snowman   "The Twilight Game"       (50 Copies)  Cream Cover SOLD OUT

RW 003SE   Sand Snowman   "The Twilight Game"   (50 Copies)  Black Cover SOLD OUT

RW 004   Mountainhood   "Year Of The Mountain" EP (53 Copies)  SOLD OUT 

RW 005  Wooden Spoon  "3"  (100 Copies)  SOLD OUT 

RW 006  Stone Baby  "Understanding Urban Phenomena And Modernism"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 007  Sand Snowman "I'm Not Here"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 007 SE   Sand Snowman  "I'm Not Here"        (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 008  North Hero  "January  February"         (48 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 009  Harvey Lord "Weighted Down"  (50 Copies)  Black Cover Numbered SOLD OUT

RW 009SE  Harvey Lord  "Weighted Down"          (50 Copies)  White Cover SOLD OUT

RW 010  Mountainhood   "Brother The Cloud"      (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT 

RW 011  Eric Barnet  "All The Way, Here And Back" (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 012  temples "serpentine"  (48 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 013   Siddhi   "Whispering Wood"   (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 014  Kelly Nesbitt  "Kell's Bells"  (50 Copies)   SOLD OUT

RW 015  hills are mountains (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 016  Jeremy Kelly  "Pine & Crane"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 017 Beggin' Your Pardon Miss Joan          "Dear Nautilus"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 018   Daniel Clough   "Stories"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 019   Shanyio  "I-X"  (50 Copies) 

RW 020  Mok Nok  "God Dwarf Lyar"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 021  Ophibre  "NNNE" (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 022  LSD March "Jurando"  (60 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 022SE  LSD March "Jurando" (100 Copies )     SOLD OUT

RW 023 Latralmagog  "Bootis"  (50 Copies)

RW 024 The End Springs   "Here Lies The Electric Reasons"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 025 Harvey Lord & Dave George  "Static"      (60 Copies) 

RW 026  Kwannon  "Clear Star" (52 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 027  Ammonites  "33.3" (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 028  Teeth Collection "The Herdsman"(50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 029  Tom Tom Lamas  "Rohayhu"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 030   Translogic   "Seven Souls"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 031  Cone  "II"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 032  Fossils From The Sun  "Associate Of Mercy" (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 033  Uton   "Shiva Blues" (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 034  Les Beyond  "Privacy Act"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 035  Pregnant  "Spirit Of Being"  3" EP

RW 036  Matt Baumann   "An Island)  (50 Copies)

RW 037  The Magic Carpathians  "Sambucus & Ginko"  (50 Copies)   SOLD OUT

RW 038  Siddhi "Goabdesaijgge" (53 Copies)SOLD OUT

RW 039  Camelia    "23.39"  (50 Copies)

RW 040  Dugoutcanoe  "Demonstration"  (48 Copies)  Cloth Sleeve  SOLD OUT

RW 041  Kwannon   "Anahata"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 042  Harvey Lord  "I Don't Believe I Exist"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 042  Harvey Lord  "I Don't Believe I Exist"   (2 Copies)  COMPETITION PRIZES  SOLD OUT

RW 043  Nils Helstrom                    "Discarding All That Was Before"  SOLD OUT 

RW 044  Phosphene  "The King Who Would See Paradise"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 045  Kawabata Makoto   "Subjection Of Drone"  (100 Copies)   SOLD OUT

RW 046  Bjerga / Iversen  "Amplified Spectral Decay"  (52 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 047  Memphis Khan  "The Merchant" EP         (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 048  The Shooting Star Experiment Of Lights   "The Sound Of The World Collapsing"  (50 Copies)

RW 049  Tranko  (50 Copies)   SOLD OUT

RW 050  Blood On Tape  "Language & Movement"    (47 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 051  Pete Fosco  "Petals To The Sun"         (49 Copies)   SOLD OUT

RW 052  Kwannon  "Oisin"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 053  Dead Black Arms  "Caretaker Cherry Bird"  (50 Copies)

RW 054  Tranko  II  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 055  Eli Keszler  "Tilt"  (60 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 056  Muffin  "Folklore"  (50 Copies) 3" Cdr EP  SOLD OUT

RW 057  ST 37 "and then what"(50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 058  Keijo "Here They Come" (51 Copies)SOLD OUT

RW 059  Feathered Totem / Big Drum In The Sky Religion Split Cd (40 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 060  Black Serama  "Rough Wood"  (40 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 061  Timas 23  "Cloud Vortex"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 062  Mountainhood  "White Banquet : Live At The Story Chapter 1"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 063  Pharoah Tickles The Sun  "Sabdavasini"  (40 Copies)

RW 064  Directorsound  "The Day Of The Dance"   (40 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 065  Gorman  "Alum Creek"  (50 Copies)

RW 066  Harps Of Fuschia Calmia  "The Angular Ecceleration Of Light In The Mind Of My Dead Uncle In Michigan"  (75 Copies)

RW 067  Annapurna Illusion  "Matins Of The Twelve Passion"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 068  Moor Loups  "Death BY Someone Else's Choice  (50 Copies)

RW 069  Far Black Furlong  "Caerbre"  (52 Copies)

RW 070  Drowning The Virgin Silence  "Beneath The Sulfur Sky"  (50 Copies)

RW 071  A Wooden Door  (40 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 072  Alan Scheurman  "Old Patterns"  (42 Copies split with the artist)  SOLD OUT

RW 073  My3Yeah  (50 Copies)

RW 074  Michael Vallera  "Shallow Water Blackout"  (50 Copies Split With The Artist)  SOLD OUT

RW 075  Wyrdstone  "Cuffern" (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 075  Wyrdstone  "Cuffern" (50 Copies)        Not Numbered  SOLD OUT

RW 076  Sproatly Smith  "The Yew And The Hare"  (50 Copies)  1st Edition Cream Cover Numbered  SOLD OUT

RW 076  Sproatly Smith  "The Yew And The Hare"  (50 Copies)  2nd Edition Bright Yellow Cover  SOLD OUT

RW 076  Sproatly Smith  "The Yew And The Hare"  (50 Copies)  3rd Edition Orange Cover  SOLD OUT

RW 076  Sproatly Smith  "The Yew And The Hare"  (50 Copies)  4th Edition Pale Blue Cover SOLD OUT

RW 076  Sproatly Smith  "The Yew And The Hare"  (50 Copies with different cover design in pale pink, grey and buff coloured sleeves).  SOLD OUT

RW 076  Sproatly Smith  "The Yew And The Hare"  (50 Copies with different cover design in duck egg blue sleeves)  SOLD OUT

RW 077  The Hare And The Moon  (50 Copies)  1st Edition Green Cover Numbered  SOLD OUT

RW 077  The Hare And The Moon  (50 Copies)  2nd Edition Dark Blue Cover  SOLD OUT

RW 077  TheHare And The Moon  (50 Copies)  3rd Edition  Red Cover  SOLD OUT

RW 077  The Hare And The Moon  (50 Copies)  4th Edition  Black Cover  SOLD OUT

RW 077  The Hare And The Moon  (50 Copies)  5th Edition  Green Cover  SOLD OUT

RW 077  The Hare And The Moon  (50 Copies)  6th Edition Goth Purple Cover  SOLD OUT

RW 077  The Hare And The Moon  (50 Copies)  7th Edition  Orange Cover  SOLD OUT

RW 077   The Hare And The Moon (50 Copies)  New Snapper Case Edition  SOLD OUT

RW 078  Light Of Shipwreck  "When I Hold The Ashes"  (60 Copies) 

RW 079  The Pistil Cosmos  "The Mystical Wall Of Lost Minds"  (40 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 080  the spirit dies  "death notes"(40 Copies)

RW 081  Mizuumi  "Motion"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 082  Mark Bradley  "Dreamstate"  (50 Copies)  

RW 083  Gnod  "Wust Zeremonie" (70 Copies)SOLD OUT

RW 084  Tranko  "III"  (50 Copies  SOLD OUT

RW 085  Book Of Shadows  "The Bear Queen"       (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 086  Jenisej  (50 Copies)

RW 087  UFO Zion  "Si Music Festival In The Living Room"  (50 Copies)

RW 088  Beggin' Your Pardon Miss Joan  "Avon" EP  SOLD OUT

RW 088  The Restless Dead  "Live / Dead"        (60 Copies  shared withe artist)  SOLD OUT

RW 089  Wereju  "Fairytale Ending"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 090  Timas 23  "Levitation" (50 Copies)

RW 091  Moonswift  (50 Copies)  1st Edition  Numbered  White Blue Cover SOLD OUT

RW 091  Moonswift  (50 Copies)  2nd Edition White / Red Cover SOLD OUT

RW 092  Kawabata Makoto  "A Farewell Kiss After Rain"  (100 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 093  Shores Of Darkness  "In The Shadows Of Distant Nights (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 094  Mangled Bohemians  "Degeneration"       (40 Copies) 

RW 095  Venereum Arvum  "A Pentacle Of Pips"    (50 Copies)   SOLD OUT

RW 096  The Ophelian  "Early Jams & Improvisations"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 097  Expo 70  "Galaxy Of Mysticism"          (80 Copies)  Numbered with sprayed transparency    SOLD OUT

RW 097SE  Expo 70  "Galaxy Of Mysticism"       (100 Copies)  Unumbered stencilled card sleeve SOLD OUT

RW 098  W.S.Burn  "Tislighttissoundtislightisssoundtislighttisound"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 099  Mark Bradley  "His Masters Voice"       (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 100  Mountainhood  "Live At Deerborn House  (100 Copies)

RW 101  Wooden Spoon  "Tape Loops"  (80 Copies)

RW 102   Magdalena Solis   "Lady Of The Wild Things" EP  (50 Copies) Numbered  SOLD OUT

RW 102SE   Magdalena Solis   "Lady Of The Wild Things" EP  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 103  All In The Merry Month Of May  "At Home"  (50 Copies with booklet)  SOLD OUT

RW 104  RW T-shirts  (Edition Of 50)  SOLD OUT

RW 105  Greenhouse  "Learning Curve"  (40 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 106  Lunar Miasma "Mirror Squares"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 107  Oortcloud  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 108  The Magic Carpathians  "Gharana"        (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 109  Big Drum In The Sky Religion / Noz Diloar / Mark Bradley  "Chronological"  (50 Copies)

RW 110  Hayaken  "Jugti"  (50 Copies)

RW 111  Kwannon  "The Twisted Book"  (49 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 112  Yoshino  "Sun, Moon"  (45 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 113  Lady Space  "Long Lost In A Twilight Head"  (50 Copies) Numbered  SOLD OUT

RW 113  Lady Space  "Long Lost In A Twilight Head"  (50 Copies)   SOLD OUT

RW 114  Pete Fosco  "Byzantium"  (50 Copies)

RW 115  Temple Music / Al Queda Split (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 116  Anubis  "Scattered Ashes"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 117  Pete Fosco "Live"  (50 Copies)

RW 118  Spiritjack  (40 Copies)

RW 119  Memphis Khan  "We Can't Say"  (50 Copies)

RW 120  Book Of Shadows  "Cosmic Sovereignty"   (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 121  The Fractal Skulls  (40 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 122  Mountainhood  "Year Of The Mountain - reissue different artwork " (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 123  Timas 23  "Flames On Venus"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 124  Underwater Wind  "Death Of Sorrow"      (40 Copies)

RW 125  Wereju  "The Fear Of God"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 126  Sproatly Smith  "Pixieled"  (50 Copies) Numbered  SOLD OUT

RW 126  Sproatly Smith  "Pixieled"              (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 126   Sproatly Smith  "Pixieled" (50 Copies with reversed Artwork). SOLD OUT

RW 126 Sproatly Smith "Pixieled" (50 Copies with cream covers and plastic inserts)  SOLD OUT

RW 127  Rain Drinkers  "Bore Upon The Breath Of Dawn"  (50 Copies)  Numbered  SOLD OUT

RW 127SE  Rain Drinkers  "Bore Upon The Breath Of Dawn"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 127R  Rain Drinkers  "Bore Upon The Breath Of Dawn"  (50 Copies)   Reissue with new artwork and bonus track.

RW 128  Bosques  "Pleroma Sum" (42 Copies)     SOLD OUT

RW 129  Mariano Rodriguez  "Cypress Shadow"     (50 Copies)

RW 130  Keijo  "Remember Sometimes"  (48 Copies)

RW 131  Timas 23  "Nitiraj"  (50 Copies) 

RW 132  Zero Centigrade & M.A  "Black Like A Crow"  (50 Copies) 

RW 133  Kawabata Makoto   "The Return Of The Ring"  (100 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 134  Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand  "Nous Somme Des Enfants D'un Monde Devaste (50 Copies)

RW 135  The Hare And The Moon   "The Grey Malkin"  (63 Copies)  Numbered  SOLD OUT

RW 135  The Hare And The Moon   "The Grey Malkin"  (70 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 135  The Hare And The Moon   "The Gray Malkin" - Limited Edition Cloth Sleeve with embroidered name tag  (36 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 135  The Hare And The Moon  "The Grey Malkin" - Snapper Case Version  (50 Copies). SOLD OUT

RW 135  The Hare And The Moon "The Grey Malkin" - 2017 Amaray Case Edition  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 136  Bobbie Watson  "Off The Leafy Pathway"  (50 Copies shared with the artist)  Blue lettering SOLD OUT

RW 136SE   Bobbie Watson  "Off The Leafy Pathway"  (50 Copies shared with the artist)  Pink lettering SOLD OUT

RW 137 Palace Of Swords  "EP" 3" CD EP (40 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 138  High Aura'd  "Third Life" US Tour Cd    (60 Copies split with the artist)   SOLD OUT

RW 139  Plankton Wat  "In Magical Light"        (82 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 140  Cosmic Trip Machine  "Mantras, Exorcisms And Rituals"  (51 Copies)  Numbered  SOLD OUT

RW 140SE  Cosmic Trip Machine  "Mantras, Exorcisms And Rituals"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 141  Siddhi & Mark Bradley  "Trembling Branches"" (50 Copies) 

RW 142  Rain Drinkers  "Dwelling"  (77 Copies) SOLD OUT


RW 142  Sproatly Smith  "Carols From Hereford"  (40 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 142SE  Sproatly Smith  "Carols From Herefordshire"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 142  Sproatly Smith   "Carols From Herefordshire"  Third Edition. SOLD OUT

RW 142  Sproatly Smith  "Carols From Herefordshire"  Fourth Edition with Different Artwork (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 143  Sarry  "Roshara"  (50 Copies with bookmark)  SOLD OUT

RW 144  Foxpockets  "The Coracle & The Albatross" (80 Copies split withe band)  SOLD OUT

RW 145  The Artichoke House  "When The Carnival's Gone"  (75 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 146  Goldhail  "Vida Futura" (50 Copies split with the artist)  SOLD OUT

RW 147  Whirling Hall Of Knives  "Saw The Recurrant Future" (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 148  Dark Sun  "A Journey Through Space - Studio Jams 2004 - 2005"  (80 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 149  Denied By Character  "Wrecks"  (50 Copies)

RW 150  The Fractal Skulls "II"  Cassette (100 Copies split with the artist) SOLD OUT

RW 151  Woodcraft Folk  "The Death Of Folk"     (50 Copies split with the artist) Record Store Day Gig cdr  SOLD OUT

RW 152  Mark Bradley  "Cathedral Sound"  (50 Copies Split with the artist)  SOLD OUT

RW 153  All In The Merry Month Of May  "Root  Bramble  Stone"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT 

RW 154  Giant Kind  "Eartly Harvest, Late Harvest"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 155  Black Church  "VAWAN" (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 156  Lina Paul  "No Blue Birds Passing By"   (50 Copies)

RW 157  Motion Sickness Of Time Travel  "Feathers And Furs"  (75 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 158  Motion Sickness Of Time Travel  "A Forest Aching Cold"  (75 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 159  Motion Sickness Of Time Travel  "Communicating From Within A Wooden Box"       (75 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 160  The Hare And The Moon  "Special Edition 2cd in cloth Pouch with embroidered name tag"   (36 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 161  Sedayne  "Glad Hours In The Green Lanes - Volume 1"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 162    

RW 163  Selene Heliotrope  "~Monorama~"         (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT  

Rw 164  Tim Newman  "Gamelan"  (50 Copies)

RW 165  Rain Drinkers  "Springtide"  (100 Copies split with the band)  SOLD OUT 

RW 166  Svenmonsoon  "A Meditation"  (50 Copies)

RW 167  Fureasteen  "Experimental Architect"    (50 Copies)

RW 168  Xenis Emputae Travelling Band  "Goat Willow" EP  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 169  Dreamcookie  "A Mild Sedative - Live At Revolver Records"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 170  Behold The Beast For Which I Have Turned Back  (50 Copies)

RW 171  Baron  "Illegitimate Nephew"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 172  Sproatly Smith  "The Minstrel's Grave"  (100 Copies) 1st Edition Numbered SOLD OUT

RW 172  Sproatly Smith  "The Minstrel's Grave"  (100 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 172  Sproatly Smith   "The Minstrel's Grave"  (50 Copies)  Snapper Case Version with new artwork  SOLD OUT

RW 173  Cathal Rodgers  "All - Powerful And Ever Living"  (50 Copies)

RW 174  Book Of Shadows  "Hanged Man"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 174 Sproatly Smith  "Limited Edition Fabric Bound 2cd Set with emboidered name tag"  36 Copies  SOLD OUT

RW 175  

RW 176  Pefkin  "The Inaugural Meeting Of The Glasgow Temperence Society"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 177  ST 37  "Awkward Moments  (100 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 178  Xenis Emputae Travelling Band  "Stella And Astrophel"  (45 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 179  Ester Elster  "Schmattes"  (50 Copies) 

RW 180  Mark Bradley  "The Future Has Passed"  3" CD with free download album (50 Copies)

RW 181  The Gray Field Recordings  "Nature Desires Nature"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 182  Bosques "Eomaia Nam" (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 183   Kirill Nikolai & Colin Treiber  "Three Studies Of October & The Cemetery For Mt.Vernon In Spring" 

(50 Copies)  Double 3" cdr set in a cloth pouch  SOLD OUT

RW 184  The Magic Carpathians  "Tea Events"     (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 185  Rain Drinkers  "The Healing Begins Now"  (100 Copies)

RW 186  Heidi Harris  "In The Lee"  (80 Copies)  Fabric Cover SOLD OUT

RW 187  Palace Of Swords II (42 Copies)  3" cdr EP SOLD OUT

RW 188  Dark Sun & The Rising Telepaths  The Mind Melting Freak Machine"  (100 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 189  The White Meadows  "A Time For Drunken Horses" (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 190  Heidi Harris  "Sand In The Line"       (100 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 191  The Gray Field Recordings  "Hypnogogia"  (60 Copies - 2012 Reissue with bonus tracks).

RW 192  Hulaluna Bonfire  "A Pillbox Called Freshminths"  (50 Copies)

RW 193  The Transmutations  "The Hundred Years" (53 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 194  Borealis  "Los Ojos Del Subremundo" EP  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 195  Nataria Kraudia  "Extinguishing Extinguishable"  (57 Copies)

RW 196  Will Z's Amazing Flying Clock  "Shambhala Album"  (63 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 197  JOBI  "The Echoes Of A Place"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 198  Infinite Particles  (50 Copies)

RW 199  My Education  "Sunrise Remixes"         (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 200  Kawabata Makoto  "Kiss Me Goodbye Before Sunrise" (100 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 201  Lou Baumann  "Performances Sonoras"     (43 Copies)

RW 202  Sarry  "Sou en"  (100 Copies)

RW 203  Heidi Harris  "Storm Story" (80 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 204  Creature Breath  "I Am Creature Breath"  (66 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 205  Sachiko  "Bird Songs In A Deep, Hollow Tone" (100 Copies)

RW 206  Borealis  "2004 - 2006"  (70 Copies)

RW 207  New Reverb Worship T-Shirt Design       (50 shirts) SOLD OUT

RW 208  The White Meadows  "The Silk Line"      (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 209  Heidi Harris  "Dream Fodder"           (100 Copies) 

RW 210  Die Geister Beschwören  "Those WhoCame Before..." (50 Copies)

RW 211  Clara Engel  "The Bethlehem Tapes"      (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 212  The Floating World  "We Hunted"         (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 213   Howling Larsons  "fool of sound and Furry"  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 214   The Hogweed And The Aderyn  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 215 Creature Breath "The Giveaway" (100 Copies)

RW 216  Jessie Shaffer  "Pulling At My Skirts"  (50 Copies)

RW 217  Jon Scullion  "Calenture"  (50 Copies)

RW 218   Michael Griffith  A Thousand Swords & The Flooded Cave" (50 Copies)

RW 219   Sproatly Smith  "Times Is N' Times Was"  (100 Copies) 1st Edition with hand numbered insert and cigarette card.SOLD OUT

RW 219 Sproatly Smith "Times Is N' Times Was" - Second Edition 50 Copies  SOLD OUT

RW 220   TILT/THE/SKIES  "A Sullen Sunless Sky_" EP (50 Copies  

RW221  Bosques "El Acimento Hace Bien" EP       (54 Copies)

RW 222  Owl  "Demo Tape"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 222  Owl  "Demo Tape" Second Edition         (50 Copies)

RW 223    Temple Music  "Ancient Sorceries"     (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 224  Book Of Shadows   "IndigoM"  (50 Copies)

RW 225   Michael Warren  "Brume & Nelipot"       (50 Copies)

RW 226   Kull EP Art Edition (70 copies shared with the artist)

RW 227   Primordial Undermind  "Live In Austin" (60 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 228   Book Of Shadows "Ritual Of Joy"        (50 Copies)

RW 229   The Hare And The Moon  "Limited Edition T-shirt" SOLD OUT

RW 230  Sproatly Smith  "Remixed"  (100 Copies) SOLD OUT   

RW 231  Heidi Harris "Sketch"(57 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 232  Great Attractor  (50 Copies)

RW 233  Sproatly Smith Limited Edition "Turn On, Tune In, Folk Out" T-shirt.  SOLD OUT

RW 234  borealis  "tumba para un cabello cojo"  (50 Copies)

RW 235  Sarry  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 236  Heed The Thunder  "All Those Black Years" (50 Copies)

RW 237  James McKeown  "Sublime Knight Elect"   (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 238  Cathal Rodgers  "Ways And Means"        (50 Copies)

RW 239 David C.W. Briggs "When My Magic's Down" (62 Copies)

RW 240  Montibus Communitas  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 241 Montibus Communitas  "Ānanda Samgha"     (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 242 Moonswift & Sand Snowman  "Autonal"      (80 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 243  Sand Snowman  "Sleeper's Hide & Seek"  (100 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 244  Lost Trail  "Up To The Snow"  (40 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 245  Solitude Ravencrow  "From The Twilight World" (60 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 246  Sand Snowman  "Otherness"  (125 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 247  The Floating World  "Unda"  (60 Copies)

RW 248  Zeuk  (65 Copies) Comes with a seahorse pendant. SOLD OUT

RW 249  Book Of Shadows  "Festival Of Shadows" 2cd (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 250 "Better Late Than Never....The Reverb Worship Compilation"  2 Cd Set   SOLD OUT 

RW 251  Digamma Cottage  (50 Copies) 

RW 252  Prana Crafter  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 253  Foxpockets   "Hope Can Make Feeble Ones Earnest & Brave"  (60 Copies)  The First 20 copies come with a limited edition live 3" EP....THE DELUXE EDITION WITH EP IS NOW SOLD OUT

RW 254  My North Eye  (50 Copies)  

RW 255  Sproatly Smith  "Thomas Traherne"      (100 Copies)

RW 256  Moonswift (Deluxe Reissue of the debut album with new artwork and bonus track)  SOLD OUT

RW 257  Anubis  "Scattered Ashes (Reissue with new artwork) NOT AVAILABLE YET

RW 258  Primordial Undermind / Thought Forms  "Alchemy In The West Country" (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 259   Sand Snowman  "Sinister Summerware" T-Shirt

RW 260  Montibus Communitas ~ ø+yn

"Offerings For The Destroyer" 

RW 261  Sourdeline  "Sourdeline & Friends"    

(100 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 261  Sourdeline  "Sourdeline & Friends" 

(100 Copies) Second Edition with Ivory coloured

card sleeve. SOLD OUT

RW 262  Dark Sun   "Visions Of Infinity - The

Early Demos" SOLD OUT
RW 263 So There "The Hidden Claw"(RW 263) SOLD OUT

RW 264 The Goatman  ~ Music From The Motion Picture (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 265  Reverb Worship T-shirt 2014   SOLD OUT

RW 266  The Hare And The Moon 2014 Wood Witch T-shirt
Limited Edition.Available in white, black, violet, indigo blue, ash grey and  heather grey.  SOLD OUT

RW 267  Klaus Morlock  "The Bridmore Lodge Tapes"

RW 268   United Bible Studies  "The Box Social"  (75 Copies)

RW 269  David C.W Briggs  "Would you tell me what you dream about all day" (40 Copies).

RW 270  Amanda Votta And The Spectral Light    "Secrets To The Sea" (50 copies) SOLD OUT

RW 271  Octopus Syng  "Fallow Park's Music      (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 272  Sharon Crutcher  "Brilliant Shroud"     (40 Copies)

RW 273  The Unseen  "Mary Soundtrack"           (50 Copies) 

RW 274  L'augmentation  (100 copies) SOLD OUT

RW 275  Alex Monk  "Kit Mikayi"  (50 Copies)

RW 276  Knife Thrower's Assistance (50 Copies)

RW 277  Possessor  "Electric Hell"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 278   Palace Of Swords  White vinyl 7"/cd set featuring mixes by Joe Foster, The Hare And The Moon, Midwich Youth Club, Snide Rhythms and Future Disguises  (100 Copies)  SOLD OUT
RW 279   Raising Holy Sparks   "The Observance Of Holy Days"  (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 280   Still Light  "Threads" 3" Art Edition Cd  EP (50 Copies)   

RW 281  Kentin Jivek  & The Hare And The Moon 
"THe Haunted Cabaret"  (50 Copies)   SOLD OUT 

RW 281  Kentin Jivek  & The Hare And The Moon 
"The Haunted Cabaret" Second Edition  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 282   Borealis   "Final Vertical"  3" Cd EP  (48 Copies)

RW 283  Palace Of Swords - Limited Edition T-shirt
(Edition Of 40) Screen printed in black onto white top quality Gildan Heavy 100% Cotton T-shirts.Available in Medium, Large and Extra Large Sizes)

RW 284  Dark Sinfonia  "Plague Tales" (100 Copies)

RW 285  Book Of Shadows  "The Seven Gates Of Dreaming" (50 copies)

RW 286   Hawk Horses  "Fall"  (50 copies)

RW 287   Alula Down (40 copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 288   American Vodka (40 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 289   Jim Griffin  "The Ranger & The Cleric" (40 Copies)    


RW 290   The Hare And The Moon  "Wood Witch" 
Deluxe 2cd set containing the Melmoth The Wanderer "There Were Faces In The Hedgerow" bonus cd     (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 290   The Hare And The Moon  "Wood Witch"
Standard single cd version (Ivory sleeve)       (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 290   The Hare And The Moon   "Wood Witch"
Standard single cd version (Silver metallic sleeve) (50 Copies)SOLD OUT

RW 290    The Hare And The Moon   "Wood Witch"
Standard single cd version  (Moss Green sleeve)  (50 Copies)SOLD OUT

RW 290    The Hare And The Moon   "Wood Witch" 
Standard single cd version  (Lavender sleeve)   (50 Copies)SOLD OUT

RW 290  The Hare And The Moon   "Wood Witch" 
Standard single cd version  (Forest Green Sleeve) (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 290    The Hare And The Moon   "Wood Witch" 
Standard single cd version  (The Gloaming Version with White Textured Sleeve) (50 Copies)

RW 290 The Hare And The Moon   "Wood Witch"  2017 Amaray Case Edition  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 290  The Hare And The Moon  "Wood Witch" The Black Marble Edition (32 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 291  Raising Holy Sparks  "Cape Tribulation"  (50 Copies)

RW 292 Sarada Holt "Dorothy's Ghost" (50 Copies)SOLD OUT   

RW 293  Klaus Morlock  "The Child Garden" (40 Copies)SOLD OUT

RW 294   Solitude Ravencrow   "The Wanderer Between Worlds" (50 Copies) 

RW 295  Book Of Shadows  "Mantis"  (50 Copies)
RW 296   Belladonna Bouquet  "Wortcunning & Starcraft"  Double Cd Set (50 Copies)

RW 297   Sproatly Smith  "Turn On, tune In, folk out # 2"  T-shirt.

RW 298   The Heartwood Institute   "Astercote"  (40 Copies) SOLD OUT          

RW 299   Katje Janisch   "West Of Twilight"     (40 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 300    Palace Of Swords  "La Belle Époque  (2010-2014)" Limited Edition Cassette  (40 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 301   Future Disguises  "Alma Mystic Society ~ A Collection Of Songs 2013 - 2015"  Cd & Badge    (40 Copies)  SOLD OUT  
RW 302   Allysen Callery  "Princes Pine" Art Edition CD EP (50 Copies) 

RW 303  Black Church  "Madeline Blue" (50 Copies)

RW 304  Black Church   "Less You" (50 Copies)                 

RW 305  Black Church   "Heel" (50 Copies)

RW 306  Black Church "Down With Hades" (50 Copies)

RW 307   Black Church  "YxY"  Double Cd Set     (50 Copies)

RW 308   Melmoth The Wanderer  "There Were Faces In The Hedgerow"  (featuring the music of The Hare And The Moon)  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 309   Midwich Youth Club  "Dawdling"         (40 Copies)

RW 310   The Heartwood Institute  (40 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 311   Little Bones  "Summit Of Happiness"    (50 Copies)

RW 312   Giant Kind   "Dream Time For Taiga"    (40 Copies)

RW 313   Pefkin "Black Mass" (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 314   The Heartwood Institute   "The Wild Hunt Of  Hagworthy"  (40 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 315   Hills Have Riffs   "Tower Garden Tapes"   (40 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 316   Divil A' Bit  "Through Bogs & Starfields"  (40 Copies)SOLD OUT

RW 317  Yuletidings From The Premo Hannert Family ~ Five years of Midwinter revelry  (40 Copies)
RW 318   Joseph Curwen   "The Hare And The Moon Remixes"(80 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 319  The Equestrian Vortex  "Embryo"         (40 Copies) SOLD OUT 

RW 320   The Equestrian Vortex  "Autoborn"      (40 Copies) 

RW 321   Look To The North   "5​,​000 Blackbirds Fall Out Of The Sky"  (40 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 322    Will Z   "The Saint, The Martyr And The Monk" (50 Copies) 

RW 323  Divil A 'Bits  "The Arcadian Almanack & Celestial Guide I-V"  (40 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 324  Septimus Keen  "The Voice Experiments"  (40 Copies)

RW 325   Sharron Kraus   "Hen Llan Recordings"  (50 Copies)SOLD OUT

RW 325   Sharron Kraus   "Hen Llan Recordings"  (50 Copies) Second Edition   SOLD OUT 

RW 326   So There   "Miss Trees" (40 Copies)

RW 327  Reverberation  (Melmoth The Wanderer meets Reverb Worship )  SOLD OUT

RW 328  ST 37  "It's Chickie Time : ST 37 Live in NYC 2015" (50 Copies)   SOLD OUT

RW 329  +adult+  -Daemon- [[nature spirit]]     (50 Copies)           

RW 330  Mark Bradley   "A History Of Silence"   (40 Copies)        

RW 331   Black Lesbian Fishermen   "Ectopic Aviary"  (50 Copies)

RW 332   The Equestrian Vortex   "Electronic Ritual"  (40 Copies)   

RW 333   Klaus Morlock   "The Mirror And The Lamp" Cassette  (50 Copies)

RW 334   Hawthonn   "Sea Spiral-Spirit"         (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 335  James McKeown  "Drawninward" (50 Copies)

RW 336   Joseph Curwen   "The Hare And The Moon Remixes ~ Volume Two"  (70 Copies)

RW 337   Agitated Radio Pilot  "The Bridesmaid & The Partial Eclipse"  (50 Copies)

RW 337  Agaric Fly "Starless" (40 Copies)

RW 339   Reverb Worship 2016 Druid T-shirt      (50 Shirts)

RW 340  Zeuk  "I See Horses" (50 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 340 DE  Zeuk   "I See Horses"  (30 Copies)   Deluxe Expanded 2cd Edition.  SOLD OUT

RW 341    The Gray Field Recordings  "The Weavers Daughter"  Expanded Reissue (50 Copies)

RW 342  Spirit Mantra  "Where Ghost's Play"     (40 Copies)Collage Art Edition Cd.

RW 343   The Heartwood Institute   "Calder Hall"  (40 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 344   Pefkin  "Into The Beyond World"        (50 Copies)

RW 345  Stefano Leproto                        "The Curator's Collection"  (50 Copies)

RW 346   How I Quit Crack  "Going Clear"        (40 Copies)

RW 347   The Mortlake Bookclub "Exquisite Corpse" (50 Copies )  SOLD OUT

RW 347   The Mortlake Bookclub   "Exquisite Corpse"  Second Edition  (50 Copies ) SOLD OUT

RW 348   nwyvre  TORANN  (40 Copies)

RW 349   David C.W. Briggs  "Why Are We Hiding ?"  (40 Copies)

RW 350  Daughters Of Grief  "Songs For Mary W.S." (50 Copies)Art Edition Debut Cd EP 

RW 351   Karen Zanes   "Of  Lovers And Tribes   (40 Copies) 

RW 352   Electric Throne   "King Size Collection"  (40 Copies)

RW 353   My North Eye 2  (40 Copies )

RW 354  
oG   "Out Of The Darkness"  (50 Copies)                        
RW 355   The End Springs                       "The Mystery Pinecone Tape" (50 Copies) 
RW 356   The Stone Tapes : Avebury  (40 Copies)  
RW 357   The Hare And The Moon Badge   Limited Edition (100 Badges) 

RW 358   The Hare And The Moon   Limited Edition   "Wood Witch" Badge  (100 Badges)

RW 359   Stuart Chalmers   "Self Destruction"   (40 Copies)

RW 360   Crowey  (40 Copies) 

RW 361   The Mortlake Bookclub   Limited Edition Badge  (70 Badges)

RW 362  The Mortlake Bookclub  "Mysteriorum Libri Quinque (50 Copies)  Art Edition Cd  SOLD OUT

RW 362   The Mortlake Bookclub         "Mysteriorum Libri Quinique"  (Second Edition)   50 Copies

RW 363   Needle Into A Bug  "Stolen Dream Songs"   (40 Copies) 

RW 364   The Heartwood Institute  "The Whispering Knights"  (40 Copies)  SOLD OUT

RW 365   The Hare And The Moon / Futur Passé    (100 Copies)

RW 365    The Hare And The Moon / Futur Passé  Second Edition (100 Copies)

RW 366   Abronia  "Obsidian Visions, Shadowed Lands"  (50 Copies)

RW 367   The Implicit Order  "I Hear A Voice In The Room Next To Mine"  (40 Copies) 

RW 368 Majnun "Meditation Overdrive"  (50 Copies)               
RW 369   Reverb Worship 2017 Druid T-shirts (Edition Of 50).

RW 370   Kennel Cough  (40 Copies)

RW 371   Book Of Shadows  "The Veil" (50 Copies)              
RW 372   The Hare And The Moon - Limited Edition The Grey Malkin Badge (50 Badges)

RW 373   Reverb Worship Limited Edition Druid Badges (50 Badges)

RW 374   Reverberations SOLD OUT

RW 375   Rotten Bliss - The Nightwatchman Sings  (50 Copies)   SOLD OUT

RW 376   Sachiko   "Jangala Flamed With Deep Red" (50 Copies)   

RW 377   Gavin John Baker & David C.W. Briggs "Meal For Two" (50 Copies)

RW 378   Suisei  "Bam Bom Bim"  (50 Copies)

RW 379   So There  "Securable Brim"  (40 Copies)                    
RW 380   Nwyvre  "Fnord"  (40 Copies) 

RW 381   Gavin John Baker  "Rise With The Sun"   (40 Copies)  

RW 382   Violet Nox  "Nebula"  (50 Copies)                             
RW 383   David C.W. Briggs  "Black Plume"       (40 Copies)         

RW 384   Jim Griffin  "To A Far City" (40 Copies) 

RW 385   Sproatly Smith  "11,59" Deluxe 2cd Edition  (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 386  Dark Sun  "Innerspace Astronauts"      (100 Copies) 
SOLD OUT          

RW 387  owHH  "Snow Tale"  (40 Copies) 

RW 388  Phosphene  "Live at Smokey Joe's Cafe" 3" CD EP  (40 Copies) 

RW 389  Kabukimono  "Strega"  (40 Copies)                          
RW 390  Opel  "The Bough At Jacobs Rake Demos"  (50 Copies)  

RW 391  Michael Plater  "Mythologies"  (40 Copies)

RW 392 Hibushibire  "Live At Hokage"  (50 Copies)

RW 393 Sarry  "Oppidum Desertum"  (40 Copies)

RW 394 David C.W. Briggs  "When I See You"      (40 Copies)

RW 395  The Heartwood Institute  "Dandelion Radio Session ~ July 2017" 3" CD EP

RW 396  Dark Leaves  "Grey Stone In The Wood"   (40 Copies)

RW 397  Dormansland  (40 Copies)

RW 398  Anastasia Minster 
"Hour Of The Wolf"    (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 399  The Ilk  "The Battle Of Winwæd"
(40 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 400  Ashtoreth & Grey Malkin  "Pilgrim"       (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 401  Earthling Society  "Communion : Live In Preston 16/6/2018" (40 Copies)

RW 402  Kitchen Cynics "I Ate A Strawberry"     (40 Copies)SOLD OUT

RW 403  Alice Artaud "Moira" (50 Copies)

RW 404  Kersbergen & Janisch (40 Copies)       

RW 405  Clara Engel "Ashes & Tangerines"        

RW 406  Alice Artaud "Ouroboros"  (50 Copies)  

RW 407  Dizzyluna  (30 Copies)

RW 408  Alice Artaud - Moira Live From The Gates Of Hell -15/09/2018 Radio Rectangle Session.
8cm mini cd EP (40 Copies)

RW 409  Elkhorn  "Live Fish" (50 Copies) SOLD OUT      
RW 410  Karen Zanes  "In The Court Of Wands"     (40 Copies)

RW 411  Opel "Sand And Stone Suite" (40 Copies)

RW 412  Moonbloom "Callisto" EP 40 Copies Split with the artist. SOLD OUT

RW 413  The Boy Who Spoke Clouds  "Fields"      (40 Copies) 

RW 414  Kitchen Cynics "Our Flimsy Craft"       (40 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 415  Swallow The Rat Debut EP (50 Copies)   

RW 416
   Merle Bardenoir & Tertön - Tenm Laida EP  
(30 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 417  Trappist Afterland  "Insects In Amber" Deluxe 2cd Set (50 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 418 (My) North Eye (30 Copies)

RW 419  Ashtoreth & Grey Malkin  "Hermit"       (60 Copies) SOLD OUT         

RW 420  Trappist Afterland "De Koffie Pot 5th April 2018" Live Bootleg (50 Copies) SOLD OUT         
RW 421  Kitchen Cynics "A Girl Eats The Moon" Reissue with bonus tracks (40 Copies) SOLD OUT    

RW 422  Reticence "River Moves Though Snow"     (40 Copies)

RW 423  The Northern Lighthouse Board           (40 Copies) SOLD OUT

RW 424  The Hare And The Moon 10th Anniversary T-shirt

RW 425  DulceMuse "Musette" (40 Copies)

RW 426

RW 427

RW 428



























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