My idea for the label was to release the best and most interesting music from the current underground scene.

Reverb Worship began in November 2007 with my first ever release which was Keijo's "About Around". It gained some excellent reviews and sold out quite quickly. Since then I have made many additions to the catalogue with various other releases by Vapaa, Sand Snowman, The Hare And The Moon, Mountainhood, Wooden Spoon , Mark Bradley, Uton, LSD March, Kwannon, Directorsound, Phosphene, Jeremy Kelly, Sedayne, Timas 23, ST 37, The Hare And The Moon,  Sproatly Smith, Wyrdstone, Dark Sun, Magic Carpathians, Kawabata Makoto, Motion Sickness Of Time Travel,  and many,many others.

All of my Reverb Worship releases are limited edition. Each release is handmade and individually numbered.  Each edition will range from 40 to 50 copies up to 100 copies maximum per release.



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